What do you mean by weekly & monthly payments?

I introduced weekly & monthly payment plans for buyers back in 2015 to help those people who wanted to secure an item(s) I had for sale but didnt have the funds available at the time.

Buyers can now secure an item with a deposit of 10% and pay the remaining balance off in an agreed time frame.

Payments must be made using bank transfer for these plans.

Is the item(s) mine?

Once we have agreed a plan, a pending invoice will be raised on the website. This means the item is secured, and will be taken off the website. Nobody else can then purchase it.

When will I get the item(s)?

Obviously because I don't do this with a finance company, the item will not be sent until the full amount has been received.

I will ship the item out after the last payment has been made.

Whats the least I can pay?

This is a question I get regularly, and to be honest the answer varies dependant on the item for example, I will not hold a beanie hat for 6 months whilst you pay £5 a week, however I am keen to work with you and sort something out that is realistic.
What happens if I cant afford the item anymore?

If you get several payments into your plan but decide you can no longer afford it, I will issue you a Gift Voucher for the amount already paid and the item will be made available on the website again.

Deposits and payments towards items are non-refundable.