"Can you get these for me?"
We are not personal shoppers and don't source specific products or sizes for people.
"Will you be getting my size back in stock?"
We don't know whats coming in and when. We will update the website and Instagram story as and when new stock comes in.
"Will you be getting any of these in?"
As above.
"Is your stock real?"
Yes, all of our stock is 100% genuine. Selling counterfeit items is against the law and not an activity we will be involved or associated with.
"Why is your stock so cheap?"
We buy in huge bulk which enables us to sell at the best prices.
"Where are you based?"
We are based in Leicester but that doesn't really mean anything as we don't do 'meet ups' and can ship orders anywhere in the world.
"Im thinking of starting a page like yours, any advice? Where do you get the stock?"
Believe it or not, we do get asked this 10/15 times a week! It would be a ridiculous move to help somebody set up a company the same as ours. However, good luck with the venture!
"How does this item fit?"
All measurements for clothing and size advice for footwear is shown on each item. If it isn't, please get in touch and we can supply.
"Can I have a VAT receipt with my order?"
Of course you can, we are a VAT registered business and will happily include a business invoice for you.
"Ive got some trainers I've hardly worn, would you buy them off me?"
We don't buy stock off people im afraid. However we have another page that is a marketplace for used designer clothing, drop them a follow and message by clicking here.
"This item is a birthday/christmas present, can you send without your logo on?"
No issue at all, drop us an email after you've purchased but be quick, we pack them fast!
"Do you have any jobs going?"
We are always looking to expand, if anything comes up we will send a newsletter out and put it on our Instagram story. If you feel that you have something we need then feel free to let us know, we are always open to ideas!