BFCM Delivery

I thought the easiest thing to do would be add a quick page on here to answer all the email's we are getting daily.
Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend was a huge one for us, over 1500+ orders Thursday to Monday, and I will be honest, I wasn't prepared for that!
Every single day we send around 100 orders, which we are ready for, but the amount we had this weekend has stretched us! Next year I will be ready for it!
UPDATE : 01/12/20
As it stands we have dispatched approx 1200 of the 1500 orders, the remaining will be sent tomorrow and we will be caught up.
"Ive had the tracking but it hasn't moved from the Post Office"
As it stands, the Royal Mail are having delays with items sent with Standard Shipping.  This will be scanned at the Post Office when we dispatch and signed for at the other end. It won't update daily, it is not 'sat at the office' like people will assume. Some of these are arriving next day, some are arriving after 10 days! Its really unpredictable and depends on where its been sent from and to!
Please hold fire on chasing us daily for your order, we are doing everything we can to get these out to you as quick as possible. 
Thank you all so much for the orders and to all of you that understand the delays with postage, stay safe and look forward to dealing with you again soon. Dan.